Monday, 30 June 2008

Big feed delivery today

The lorry is huge and can only just squeeze in the through the gate - we need new gates and a wider entrance so if it knocks it down at least it will hasten the decision! The ewes are having a small amount of organic feed now to help them with their growing lambs inside them. It wards off problems like twin lamb disease, staggers, and weakly lambs through lack of colostrums. Organic feed has dramatically risen in price and is quite a shock. This is because there is such a shortage in organic feed. The ewes are delighted with the feed though and are queuing up at the gate and seem to recognise the lorry!

We are going away for two weeks holiday, hurray, as it doesn't often happen. This is supposed to be a quiet time of year - supposed! Instead of thinking holiday I have been getting extra hurdles, iodine, straw etc in readiness for lambing in case more early ones decide that now is the time.

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