Monday, 30 June 2008

Getting ready for the lambs

Starting to sort out everything for lambing, gradually. Hay has been collected by hay merchants to go to Windsor for elegant and smart polo ponies. This has cleared a whole barn in readiness for the school visits which will happen over lambing between mid March and Mid April - this is our proper lambing time, not the unexpected time in January! Those lambs are doing well and jumping about looking delightful. They have to be double tagged now - well, it is easier to double tag them now because from this Spring anything which loses a tag has to have an identical tag number inserted. If it is double tagged and looses one then a red tag can be inserted with a different number. So that option is the one more easily managed. Of course everything is then cross referenced in the appropriate book. So the little lambs are jumping around looking really lovely with two yellow tags, one in each ear like earrings. At least their ears now look equal, before they had only one tag and one ear weighed down and one looking like it was sticking up!! The school visits use the cleared barn to sit on arranged hay bales and have their drinks and biscuits and to look at the sheepskins, fleeces and wool and other things all sheep related.

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