Monday, 30 June 2008

Back from holiday

Back from holiday, haven't been away for a month, unfortunately!! Just been in slow mode! It seems to take ages to get back into racing around and multi-skilling again.

The ram hoggets are getting quite above themselves and are trying to have team leader interviews ie head butting and more head butting to see who is in charge of the field. We are moving them next Friday to new pastures and that will sort them out and give them something to think about. The sun is shining wonderfully and I have seen some lovely butterflies, a tortoiseshell and a red admiral. I think they have been woken up by the sun and wonder how long they will last. Our resident pair of Canada Geese are noisily enjoying the pond - the other day it was very frosty and the pond was frozen and the geese were very perplexed as to how to land on the water!! They kept flying around and around and swooping down and then thinking they couldn't land so would swoop up in the air again!!

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