Tuesday, 10 January 2012

I was delighted to be on Womans Hour on Radio 4 at the end of December and was interviewed by Felicity Finch who is an actress and journalist - she plays Ruth on the Archers - and she came to the farm a few months ago and spent the day here. I have been a fan of Womans Hour and the Archers so we had a great day and it was really good to be on the programme, especially over the Christmas time. I hope that some of you might have heard it.

Life is getting back to normal again after Christmas and all the festivities. The weather has been mild and very helpful! We will soon be moving the whole breeding ewe flock back to the home fields in preparation towards lambing in mid March. The mutton flock will stay in their fields.

We have removed the rams from the breeding ewe flock. Due to the mud we couldn't get the trailer near to the rams, three of them, so we had to walk them down to the trailer and then persuade them to load! They weren't very keen! Very glad that I had lots of male reinforcements in the form of son Will and sons in law to gather around and get the rams in the trailer!

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