Thursday, 13 October 2011

its busy down on the farm!

Everything seems to happen at this time of year, hedging, ditching, fencing all happens especially with the weather being dry and helpful.

We have been sorting the ewes for the breeding flock, putting in our homebred replacement ewes to join the flock and then sorting the breeding rams - we decide which bloodline will be used each year and then the homebred rams from that bloodline are selected and put in with the flock - exhausting stuff but great when it is all done and dusted!

It is always a race against time to get lots of jobs done before the weather breaks and this winter is predicted to be another really cold one so the sheep will be pleased with their wooly coats.

We have lots of delicious lamb and mutton in stock and if the winter is a bad one we will be sending frozen boxes out - our organic registered butcher lives in a very steep valley, not easy with snow and ice so we keep the freezers well stocked with lamb and mutton boxes so that they can be sent out quickly for orders.

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