Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Blue Peter comes to Langley Chase and Langley Chase is Wiltshire Independent Food Producer of the Year

Langley Chase has been having such an exciting time that there has been no time for posting!! Time to make amends.

We are proud and thrilled to have won the Wiltshire Independent Food Producer of the Year and thank you all so much for putting us forward for the nomination. We received the award at a most prestigious and delightful evening at the beautiful Wilton House in Salisbury, Wiltshire. We are also grateful to Wiltshire Life Magazine http://www.wiltshirelife.co.uk/awards.shtmlwho run the awards and to Smith & Williamson Accountants in Salisbury who sponsored our category award.http://www.smith.williamson.co.uk/salisbury. The magazine has yet to publish the evening and we will post the photos when we get them.

We have been playing host to BBC Blue Peter who came here just before Easter and Joel, the presenter of Blue Peter, came to help with the lambing and with the jobs about the lambing barn. We all had a great time, the weather was sunny and lovely and little lambs were everywhere. We had a rejected lamb, born that morning that Joel arrived and he took over the care of it and named it Joleene! A girl of course!! Blue Peter programme is going to follow her career over the year, maybe years! I am pleased to say that Joleene was happily re-united with her young and forgetful mother who finally took on the task of rearing her lamb. So all is well!

The BBC Blue Peter Programme at Langley Chase goes out on Tuesday 28th April at 4.35 p.m. Be sure to catch it!!

Lambing has finished now and we have over two hundred leaping and bouncing lambs. When I checked them again this evening a whole crowd of them were racing together around the edge of the field in a black swathe with the mothers looking on and calling to them. The sunshine will gradually change the colour of their fleece from black to chocolate brown, to mid brown and then eventually to the deep coffee colour of the Manx Loaghtan.

We now have Manx Loaghtan Salami, delicious with plum chutney, also our Year Lamb is ready now so let us know if you would like to order anything. Give me a ring any time or email us on post@langleychase.co.uk.

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