Monday, 21 July 2008

Everything is growing!

(2nd June 2008)

Time seems to be flying by already and this is our quiet time! Everything is growing! The lambs are eating the delicious white clover and wild herbs and all the trees are in full leaf. The moorhen chicks are running around the edge of the pond and scooting across the water, it is so lovely to see them. The carp and golden orf small fry are swirling along the surface of the water in the sunshine.

Every day something changes politically – from blue tongue vaccine being available which is something very new to food shortages and the huge rise in fuel and diesel costs. Our organic sheep feed has risen by 80% which is a huge hike in price and the diesel costs are rising by the week and will affect everything.

We will be vaccinating for blue tongue this week and it will seem very odd to be doing that but it is so very important to get this problem under control before it is a problem in this country. It is a horrible disease and affects the fertility of cattle and sheep and makes them very unwell and debilitated. Europe has had a very bad time with it and it must not get a foothold here.

Food shortages are another thing and we should be making the most of all the wonderful produce in this country and get back to having seasonal produce. Ah well, I am glad I am not running the country!!

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