Monday, 21 July 2008

The end of lambing

(Monday 21st April)

Lambing has now come to an end with no problems or casualties and the weather has been reasonable despite blizzards at the start of lambing and bitter winds at the close of lambing.

We moved a bunch of beautiful ewe replacements to the other end of the village where they will spend the summer, before going into the flock at tupping time in November. They are in a most picturesque setting beside the Church and the School and can be seen from the village playground.

The week has passed quickly keeping an eye on the last lambs born and on the ones which are being kept here due to having unconcientious mothers so that they need more care. They are all grazing around the pond and the lambs love racing around the ditches and the pond edge.

The main flock are contentedly grazing the young grasses and clover and the lambs are already growing apace, playing together. It takes quite a time checking on them all and walking around all the fields, coming across dark puddles of brown lambs hidden in the grass, sleeping! It is a very pleasant duty and time has to be allowed to do it properly and to watch a while to see that all is well.

I have been setting up the next masterclass here for Spinning which we hope to run at the end of May. I need a few more bookings so let me know if anyone would like to learn how to spin wool, such an ancient craft. The tutor is going to bring a 40" diameter spinning wheel, real sleeping beauty fairytale stuff!

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