Monday, 30 June 2008

Wonderful healthy lambs!

It has been such a very busy week with lambing full on. Wonderful healthy lambs!

We have a number of new, first time mothers and it is not easy to get them to follow their lambs into the mothering up pens - they rush about all over the place and get in a panic and then don't seem to recognise their lambs. We leave them quietly in the field for a while and then calmly walk them towards the lambing barn whilst the rest of the flock are either in the yard being fed or are further away from the new mother.

It all takes time and patience. The older mothers who have lambed before take it all in their stride and follow along and know the routine.

We have also had two schools a day for educational visits and some schools have spent the whole day here and had lunch in the barn on the hay bales. Some students have had hands on practical experience with the sheep and they have been shown our lamb management and seen other sheep in different fields being rounded up by Trim the sheepdog.

One school took their practical land management examination here and they all seemed to enjoy their time here.

We are having a Sheep Husbandry Workshop or Master Class here on Saturday and we are looking forward to that and to meeting everyone coming on the course.

The weather has been beautiful and the ewes have taken full advantage of the sunshine and been producing lambs and keeping us busy!

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